Bridge Dental Services

If you have a lost tooth or teeth space in between two sides of healthy teeth, we can treat you with a fixed bridge here at Finger Lakes Dental Care of Victor. For your other options, visit our implants or partial denture pages.

The fixed bridge procedure is very similar to having a crown made, besides the fact that a bridge requires at least two teeth that can support the bridge. To replace one missing tooth, you would need a three tooth bridge, because the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth should be available for support.

Fixed bridges are usually created from porcelain, with a metal sub-structure. Through at least two appointments, we prepare and temporize the teeth, adjust and cement the fixed bridge into place, and sometimes a third appointment is needed to test the framework before porcelain is applied. The final result will yield a smile that seems to have all individual and natural teeth.

To see some of our bridge work, view our Crowns Gallery.
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