Dental Crowns

If the structure of your entire tooth has been compromised, a crown could be placed to cover its entire area. 

First, at Finger Lakes Dental Care of Victor, we would prepare the tooth for a crown, which requires reduction of the tooth so that the lab has room to make an accurate crown. Then, we’ll take an impression, find a color that matches your natural teeth, and create a temporary crown. This would conclude your first appointment.

The case would be sent to the lab to create the crown, which will be tried on and adjusted. We will communicate your wishes to the lab techs so that your new crown will fit in with the surrounding teeth harmoniously.

Before we cement the new crown, we will check the fit, contacts, bite, and color to ensure it will flow with your natural teeth. Once everything is verified, we will cement your crown into place, and you will have the perfect smile once again.

Check out our Crowns Gallery to see some results we’ve achieved for patients just like you.
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