Filling Services

Tooth Restoration
If we discover that fillings are needed and we devise a treatment plan, we ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire process. With the use of local anesthetic, you won’t feel any discomfort. 

Sometimes, fillings can be completed in one visit. There are two types of fillings: amalgam, which is silver in color, and composite, which is tooth-colored. Most people prefer composite for a more natural-looking smile. 
Composite Fillings
Depending on where your tooth is in your mouth, this filling may not be applicable. There is a lot of force applied to our back teeth as we bite down, so size and location are important factors when considering a type of restoration. Once we remove the decay, we then use a bonding material and put the composite resin into the prepared tooth in thin layers. Each layer is hardened with our special light tool, which cures the material. After the last layer is applied and ready, we shape the material so it looks and feels natural. 
  • Single visit
  • Conservative tooth preparation
  • Does not corrode 
  • May wear faster than other materials
  • Occasional sensitivity
  • Cost more than amalgam
  • Higher occurrence of recurrent decay
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