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Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone. With a crown, fixed bridge, or a full set of dentures, the team at Finger Lakes Dental Care of Victor are able to replace one or more missing teeth. The implant material is usually made from pure titanium, which is biocompatible and will be accepted by your body. The bone cells attach themselves to the implant during osseointegration. Once the initial healing period is over, we will uncover the implants and connect them to a small post that serves as the foundation for your tooth or teeth that the implant will be supporting. 
Implant Indications

If you have a single-tooth space or groups of two or more missing teeth, implants can be used to replace your teeth. Implants can support individual crowns or bridges that are attached to the implants once they’re placed. The implants may also be used to keep removal dentures more secure.

Implant Candidates
Healthy patients facing no restrictions for minor dental surgical procedures and with good oral hygiene are great candidates for dental implants. Dr. Marshall will assess the possible implant site to see if your bone volume and gum thickness will allow for an implant. Our clinical exam will also involve inspection, palpation, and gentle probing to the potential site and its surrounding teeth. In simpler cases, X-rays are usually sufficient for examination. Sometimes during more complex cases, specialized implant X-rays called tomograms are required.
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Implant Functionality
Implants are designed to stay in your mouth permanently, and they should function and feel the same as natural teeth. If you’re used to removable appliances, the implant will be a much more secure feeling for your mouth.
Implant Rejection
If your bone hasn’t fully integrated with the implant surface, the whole process may fail because there is no bond. If your bone is soft at the time of implant placement, if the implant is unstable, or if you chew hard foods in the early stages of healing, you are more at risk for this to happen. Infection can also cause the implant to be rejected. Today, modern implant systems are rated with a success of 85-95% over a five to 15 year period, so you have nothing to worry about.

Smoking and Implants
It’s in your best interest to not smoke if you are receiving dental implants. Smoking negatively affects the healing of the bone and soft tissues and reduces the blood supply. If you choose to smoke, you increase your risk of the implants failing by two- to three-fold. Implants will thrive in a warm, moist environment, yet smoking produces a hot, dry environment. 

Failed Implants Treatments
Implants can sometimes be replaced if they fail to bond with the bone. As long as you have adequate bone and gum tissue to work with, a second attempt could be made.

Dental Appliances Following Surgery
If you have existing dentures and other temporary appliances, they can be worn almost immediately after your implant surgery. There are some exceptions, but Dr. Marshall and our team’s goal is to minimize any aesthetic concerns you have during the healing phase.

The Implant Placement Procedure
Implants can usually be placed using local anesthesia right in our Victor, NY office. With more complicated cases, we may require the surgical phase to be performed under general anesthesia in a specialist’s office or a hospital environment.

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Following the Surgery
In most cases, 3-6 months is the required healing period before the teeth can be attached to the implants. You will receive a temporary appliance for the functionality and aesthetics of your mouth. Once the initial implant placement happens, you will be required to attend regular follow-up visits every six to 12 months. At these appointments, your implants will be inspected and examined to ensure everything remains healthy. X-rays are also taken to examine the bone structure surrounding the implant.
Caring for your Implants at Home 
In order for optimum success, you must maintain proper oral hygiene practices at home on a daily basis. There are many special brushes and flossing tools available for implants, and our team will help provide instructions on proper usage. Please note, metal scrapers should not come in contact with your implants because they can scratch the surface. 

Check out our Implant Gallery to view the types of results we can achieve with implants.

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